In the morning

In the morning after a heavy drinking party, a hangover with a headache, low body temperature, and the shakes are the typical process: the body is recovering and the liver is converting alcohol from the blood into harmless chemicals. A hangover is easily recognisable. 

The tricky part is that even if you are feeling fine the next morning, you still could have a high blood alcohol level in your body. In that case, hangover symptoms are low or have not started yet. After some hours of sleep, your body has accumulated enough energy to move around, but the body still has significantly lower coordination and reaction speed.

So before jumping behind the wheel, please check your BAC level with Alcocat. If there is alcohol still in the body and the measured result is more then expected, then our application will show your approximate sober-up time for rescheduling the day plans. Take time for breakfast and a large glass of juice in order to feel much better.

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