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Alcocat® pocket-size alcometer for your smartphone


Private and personal



Alcocat® alcometer for your smartphone

Comes with latest wireless charging technology and is today the most innovative, smallest, stylish and environmental-friendly alcometer in the world. We bring peace of mind to your parties. Enjoy!

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Personal and private

Know your measured result with your mood level and approximate sober-up time. Personalize and enjoy many features to get a lively experience.

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As it is your personal device, we don't collect data about who you are or when or where and how much you had to drink.

Privacy in your pocket

How it works? 1-2-3

1. Download free Alcocat® app

Turn on your smartphone Bluetooth and open the app

2. Shake it to wake it up

Wake Alcocat® up by shaking it 3 times to make it glow

3. Start using Alcocat®

Personalize your app and enjoy using Alcocat®


Wireless charging

Fuel up your Alcocat® alcometer with wireless charger. No worries if you don't have one already. We include a wireless charger for FREE!  

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Calibrated? Yes!

Peace of mind

Our planet

A small product means less waste

We have skipped all unnecessary components like buttons, display, or a speaker. When using Alcocat®, you take care of yourself and others, and the environment as well.

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Small and really useful. Especially when I need to know if I can drive


Well cared for packaging and looks built with good plastics and also well assembled. I have been using it for a while and it seems reliable enough for what I could verify, based on my state it seemed to indicate reliable values. This instrument is small, light, rechargeable, accurate in measurement, very simple to use and also quite intuitive. Just turn it on, wait a few moments for it to reset the parameters and start the countdown clearly visible on the mobile phone. Recommended seller.


We like to invite family and friends to our home, so we have thought that the best way to avoid risk and fines was to buy a breathalyzer. It has been very easy to use and it comes with instructions in Spanish, it does not have buttons because it works with the mobile itself, and the same app on the mobile tells you on the screen to wait or to blow, showing the result immediately. After having tried it several times, I have seen that it is reliable, since the measurements that I have seen correspond to what my guests had drunk. Although the limits change, the app takes into account the current regulations. Highly recommended!


Nifty wee gadget. Reassurance in the morning. And a wireless charge pad!