Types of digital alcometers

It’s very possible that one of the times you have gone out for a drink, you have thought to yourself: Could I get a DUI right now? Well, nowadays you can find out immediately with a digital alcometer. 

Lately, there’s a lot more consciousness regarding the dangers of driving under the influence of alcohol, so people have started using alcometers much more. Also, getting one is not very expensive. Continue reading to find out more about alcometers, what types exist and how they work. 

¿What is an alcometer?

An alcometer is an instrument that allows you to measure the amount of alcohol in your breath. By blowing on it you can calculate the level of alcohol in your blood. 

This instrument is used by transit police. Usually, they use it when they see suspicious behavior or when they are going to carry out alcohol testing. They do it as a way of preventing a future accident. The police own very trustworthy alcometers; they are very specific and have a low probability of error. This is how they detect the presence of alcohol in drivers.

¿Did you know that in 2022 every car in the European Union will have to carry an alcometer? According to the newspaper El Español, from May this year forward, every matriculated car will have to carry an adaptive system that can communicate with the vehicle. Supposedly, this should prevent more than 25.000 deaths and 140.000 seriously injured people in Europe.  

How does the alcometer work?

The way that an alcometer works is very simple. The most common ones require you to blow through an orifice while pressing a button, afterward, you can see the results.  However, many modern ones don’t need this orifice; you can blow directly to the gadget. 

You blow for approximately 5 to 10 seconds and the results can be known after 20 seconds. The alcometer has an electrochemical cell; when the exhaled air goes through a chemical reaction is created that allows it to know how much alcohol there is in the body

However, an alcometer can test positive if you have sprayed yourself with perfume beforehand or if you have remains of dental products in your mouth. If this is the case, you should wait a few minutes before taking the test.

Types of alcometers

There are different types of alcometers and each one of them adapts itself to the circumstance of each persona. The professional ones are used by experts and can be found in detoxification centers. Then there are the vending alcometers that are used in public spaces and the personal ones that are for invidual use. 

Professional alcometers

Professional alcometers carry electrochemical sensors that enable optimal measurement. Generally, they are used by police agents for Field Sobriety test. They are widely utilized and they have replaceable nozzles. These gadgets are very effective and precise. 

When a person has been positive in a DUI test, normally police agents carry out a second examination with a more precise gadget called Ethyl Meter. This device has a lower error margin and a printer that generates a ticket that shows the levels of alcohol, the information about the driver, the time and date and the location. People who exceed the allowed maximum receive a sanction.  

According to the BBC there’s another device that is used daily by people with alcohol problems, in order to prevent them from consuming the substance again. This gadget tells the user to blow two times a day and check the person’s state. Also, it carries a portable camera to prove the identity of the person. If the result is positive, the machine automatically notifies a loved one or someone close to the patient.

Personal Alcometer

Personal alcometers are easier to use and are more intuitive. They tend to be lighter and cheaper, but they do the job in telling you your alcohol levels. It is an efficient and fast way of knowing if you are in a state to drive or not.

These alcometers stand out because of their reduced size that allows you to carry it wherever you go. For example, you can pack it inside your backpack or purse. A good example is the Alcocat® alcometer.

Vending alcometers for public use

Vending alcometers are designed to be placed in restaurants, parking lots, clubs, hotels, and shopping centers. They are built mostly with a metallic surface that makes them resist and compact. Also, they can be recalibrated throug the years.

They operate in a very simple way- Any individual can use it just by reading the illuminated instructions. In order to take the test all you have to do is introduce a coin and then the machine offers you a straw where you have to blow. Through its electrochemical sensors, the device is able to detect the levels of alcohol in your blood. 


Single-Use alcometer

Disposable alcometers are very practical and fast. They allow you to determine blood alcohol concentration in a very precise way. They tend to have a 90% accuracy rate and they work with air exhaled from mouth. Also, they can be bought in any pharmacy.

Digital alcometer from Alcocat®

Alcocat’s alcometer is unique, intuitive and simple to use. It uses the latest technology: it can be charged wirelessly and it has Bluetooth 5 incorporated, which allows you to save as much battery as possible, both from your phone and from the alcometer.

It has an aesthetic design: very minimalistic and elegant. It doesn’t use screens, buttons, speakers, cables or tubes. All it has is a very small orifice where you blow. You can exhale air in there as often as you like in order to measure your blood alcohol concentration levels. This allows you to know your own limits.

How does Alcocat’s alcometer work?

Before using the device, you connect it via Bluetooth with your smartphone. First, you need to download the mobile app which is free and available for Android and iOS. This application is totally private and it doesn’t gather information from its users.

In order to link the Alcocat device with your smartphone, you have to turn on Bluetooth and then shake the alcometer three times. When a with color appears the gadget is ready for your use!

From that moment forward, each time you go out for a drink you will be able to measure your alcohol levels. This will allow you to decide if it is safe for you to drive your motorcycle or car. 

When you buy Alcocat you will find a number of things inside the package: the personal alcometer, a magnetic bottle opener that comes as a gift, and a wireless charger.  These articles will allow you to take your gadget with you anywhere.  

Alcocat’s alcometer App 

Alcocat’s app allows you to see the result on your smartphone’s screen. It allows you to calculate as well how much time it will take for you to get sober again  Also, you can share your result and location through a picture with your friends.

You can also personalize the app to your taste. You can set up the different design themes that are available. 

Another interesting utility is that you can save all your favorite drinks in a virtual library. It is as easy as taking a picture of the drink and uploading it; you can also write notes and add a score.

Alcocat’s alcometer also has a calibrating mode, and if you are not sure if it’s calibrating well you can either send it to Alcocat for service or take it to your nearest provider and ask for a recalibration.

Maintenance of the alcometer

Alcocat’s alcometer is not waterproof. You have to keep it in a dry place. To clean it, wipe it with a mildly wet towel.

We recommend you calibrate the device every 300 uses or each year with a liquid solution that has been certified by BAC. Also, if you haven’t used it for 24 hours and you want to test your blood alcohol concentration, you should make a second measurement a few minutes after.

Now you know everything about alcometers and you can enjoy the parties you attend without having to worry. Always remember to check the level of alcohol in your blood with your portable alcometer and then decide if it’s safe to drive your car or motorcycle. Never put your life or others in danger!