Alcocat® pocket-size alcometer for your smartphone

keeps you confident

Private and personal

No data collection

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Key features

- Private and personal
- Pocket size
- Calibrated and hygienic
- Wireless charging
- Handy bottle opener
- Sober up calculator
- Themes

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Calibrated? Yes

Peace of mind

your personal space

Privacy in your pocket

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Has everything you need

- know your sober up time
- get instant results
- hangover predictor
- your mood levels
- personalize with themes
- your favourite drink library

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How it works? 1-2-3

1. Download free Alcocat® app

Turn on your smartphone Bluetooth and open the app

2. Shake it to wake it up

Wake Alcocat® up by shaking it 3 times to make it glow

3. Start using Alcocat®

Personalize your app and enjoy using Alcocat®

future is now

Wireless charging

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choose your style

At sea or on land

Wherever you are, with or without internet connection. Take your healthy habits with you.  

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after having a drink

Scooter or taxi?

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Small and really useful. Especially when I need to know if I can drive 


Cool. Love the shaking part. Reminds me of making a cocktail :)


I like the fun image. Breaks the stigma around breathalyzers.


Mother Earth

A small product means less waste

We have skipped all unnecessary components like buttons, display, or a speaker. When using Alcocat®, you take care of yourself and others, and the environment as well.

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